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Epic commission received today!

I noticed that "Furnygma", on Furaffinity, drew a series of anthro green lantern characters. I admire his work, but one of them was a Red Lantern gorilla, and looked a little too closely resembling you-know-who.  I said "Wait a minute! There's room for only ONE "Big Monkey in Red" in this fandom!" So I commissioned him to make a masterpiece of an epic battle between RLG & UG, so everyone knows we ain't in any way brothers! And man, let me tell you he did an unbelievable job!! Here it is:

If you look carefully, the forcefield shows the image of Ultra-Gor's medallion in it, and in his left hand he defends an innocent little bird.(Aaaww, what a nice ape!)

A prayer...

Dear Heavenly Father,
There are two people out here in California that You know very well, who are also my best friends.  I just learned last night from one of them that these two people have supposedly ended their friendship with each other. At one time they were two peas in a pod, but one of them has turned overly negative about life in general, which has detracted the other away. I can understand why the one turned negative would be this way; he has had too much stress from family over the years and has been  susceptible to bad treatment from people he thought liked him. But God, these two have been through so much together, both wonderful and horrible, and their friendship is pivotal to my having contentment in my life. With their splitting apart, everything that has made me happy here in California  is now becoming meaningless and depressing. I can do nothing to make things better between them; if I try I will only make things worse. Please, God, make it known to them that their friendship with each other affects SO MUCH more than just the two of them.
In Jesus' name,

Twitter finally dragged me in...

After resisting it as long as I could, I've joined the Twitter universe. Some of my good friends, like Super Jayhawk, have abandoned email and livejournal almost completely, and I grew tired of being the last to hear when something significant went on in someone's life because I wasn't on Twitter. Personally I think 90% of the dataspace used on Twitter is wasted on completely bogus information. And how the heck does one keep up with contacts and goings-on with friends when, say, you follow over 20 people and each one of them tweets at least 3 times a day, every day?? I was fine with emails and live journal, but apparently fewer and fewer people aren't. So...if anyone is interested, my tweet name is "UltraGor".

Parade pics up on the gallery

Go here to see all 175 photos of us Critters in Sunday's San Jose Christmas Parade:
There is a strong possibility this year will be the last San Jose parade; budget cuts for the city have forced them to lay off all workers who did all the parade planning.
Yesterday was my 45th birthday. Except for a few "happy birthday" messages posted on my Facebook wall from people I hardly know, no one remembered. An acid test for determining who is a good or rotten person is when that person's birthday comes around. When those who know him/her plan fun things/activities for their special day, then that means he/she is a good person. I found out yesterday I do not fall into that category.
I don't want to wake up tomorrow morning. Period.

Friday was Ultra-Gor's and four other Critters' first gig of the Christmas season. Alameda Towne Center in Oakland was the place. A pretty laid-back gig, not too many people around, considering it was "black Friday". But this outdoor mall had most of the middle to lower-end store chains, so it was evident why they needed us Critters to help get things more upbeat. They did have a VERY nice-looking Santa Claus, in formal gear to initiate the official tree-lighting. And it was a PAID gig; something Critters don't get very often! And as a bonus, three of us got complimentary professional pics with Santa in his workshop:
(It wasn't my idea to wear the fadora hat; the photographer wanted ALL of us to have hats, and that was the only one at hand. Makes Ultra-Gor look like a pimp!)
See the other photos here:

I could not be more thrilled!

It took a while, but the artist known as "DaBoz" finally finished his Ultra-Gor commission artwork. I almost cried when I first glanced at it:

And he says he's so honored to know me...frankly I am the one who is more honored to know such a great artist!

Some More Neon Projects

From Halloween Weekend, 2010:




(Taken at the "Haunt the Hollow" Halloween celebration at Happy Hollow Park & Zoo, San Jose; Ultra-Gor was posing for the camera and the little girl...um...wasn't!)

Great stuff to talk about...

It's finally official, after over 9 months of waiting...
I passed my probation at Valley Medical Center, and am now PER...MAN...ENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can relax a little more now; working for the county and in a field that is recession-proof has SO MANY advantages! But most importantly my friends that I relate to can look upon me with a little more trust. About a year and a half ago, I put a sign above my closet in my room that read "I want to be able to NEVER need to be taken care of financially EVER AGAIN!" This employment I have now is definitely a big step toward that. For those who know about "The Secret", there's definitely some credibility behind what it can do for someone!
Halloween weekend was another double-header for us Critters. The Masked Mustang showed up at Fairyland and, despite threatening rain, had usual fun-filled antics with all the kids/adults. I was shocked to see a character there who I saw at FC 2010 that I envied too much: "Korkem" , the super muscular wolf/bull hybrid. And Huggy Bear, who we all thought was a distant pleasnt memory, also showed up! Boo-yah!!
Halloween Day at Happy Hollow in San Jose---Ultra-Gor made his first appearance there, and was thankfully a hugely popular visitor! But then, so were Skookum, Yippee Coyote, and a newbie named Manda the Red Panda.
There's two new albums on Ultra-Gor's gallery that show all the fun we had this past weekend, that you can see here:
Now I gotta get ready for Ultra-Gor's trip to Florida on Nov. 11!

Stiff competition for Scabrous

(Seen at DragonCon 2010 in Atlanta, unknown character name)