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Musings of the Big Monkey in Red

website: www.ultra-gor.com

6 December 1965
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I'm just a guy who got a late start into the world of costumed character performing, and making up for lost time in California, with Critters By The Bay. I work in medical office administration. I grew up in South Carolina, lived in Florida for 14 years, then moved out west to San Jose to find a happier life. I miss being in the south; the weather made more sense, the terrain was completely different, it was prettier, the real estate was actually AFFORDABLE, all the outdoor signs were in English, and you weren't outnumbered by foreigners. So why would I leave all that and move out here to San Jose? With all the activity going on with costumed performing I rarely have a lonely weekend. The pay scale out here is better than back east. And most importantly, the friends I have out here are more precious than almost anything I have ever had. They are more than friends, they are family. Since I lost the family I grew up with(parents and grandparents are deceased, siblings don't need interaction with me), my friends involved with "Critters By The Bay" have really been a blessing. And if anyone asks why I chose the hills at dusk motif for my journal mainpage, it makes me think of a triple-S...Southern Summer Sunset.